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Starting, growing, finishing or supplementing cattle? Bremer Stockfeeds has the right feed to do the job.
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Our quality feeds are the choice of numerous carcass and led steer champion producers.
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“It’s a fine line between profit and loss when grain accessing cattle. You can’t afford setbacks, that’s for sure. You need quality feed that is palatable. You need feed that will convert into meat at a good rate, and most of all you need consistency.
I have been using Bremer Stockfeeds for many years. They tick all the boxes. They are reliable and always reasonably priced. I have always been happy with the product and will continue to use them when the market allows.”

Roy Bartholomew

Bartholomew & Co

We have used Bremer feedlot mixes for many years (with Graham being one of the very first customers), and have been more than happy with product and having won many prime cattle and carcass competitions in SEQ. Some of these including Ipswich show and in the big smoke of the Ekka. While happy with product we have found the service from the team and follow up of any queries excellent. Happy customers.”

Jason & Graham Bell

“I have been feeding Bremer Dairy Mix to my cows for 15 years. During this time the quality and consistency of the product has never varied.

The service is outstanding and my order is delivered on time every time. It is great to have been associated with Bremer Stockfeeds and their staff for such a long period.”

Wayne Jurd

“Lloyd Hills” Beaudesert

“We have been using Bremer Stockfeeds for a number of years now and are extremely impressed with the their grain mix. Their service and time to delivery is outstanding, and I can honestly say I have never had this level of service from other companies I have used.”

Ross Stricklen

Lilydale Charolais Stud

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